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Exploring Your Dreams

A Support Workshop for Men and Women

Are you feeling stuck in your 
relationships or career? 
Turn to the ultimate expert, yourself,
 by accessing your dreams

v Connect with your unconscious

v Heal emotional wounds

v Revive creativity

v Ignite forgotten instincts

v Acquire self-knowledge 

v Discover new directions

v Tap into your spiritual center

v Resonate with the archetypes

Please join me in exploring the mysterious and sacred world of dreams. In a safe, supportive, small-group environment, we will share our dreams and attempt to capture their elusive symbolic language and meanings. Participants will be encouraged to keep a dream journal. The group will provide support for exploring relationships among members and most specifically with the self. Dreams are our connection to the unconscious and their elucidation a pathway to wholeness.

New Group Now Forming
$35 per weekly session

415- 244-7850 
for Free Initial Consultation.
Individual therapy also available.

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